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Ludology Meets Narratology

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This is the article that is one of the key documents for establishment of ‘ludology’ as a ‘discipline that studies game and play activities’. The early ludology was particularly defined by its counter-reaction against narratology (or rather any ‘narrativizing’ of games), later game studies have adopted much of ludology’s key agenda.

Frasca, Gonzalo (1999) ‘Ludology Meets Narratology. Similitude and Differences between (Video)games and Narrative’. Originally published in Finnish in Parnasso 1999: 3, 365–71. Online:

The Gaming Situation

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In this interesting article Markku Eskelinen argues that while the dominant user function in literature, theatre and film is interpretative, in games it is the configurative one.

Eskelinen, Markku (2001) ‘The Gaming Situation’. Game Studies, 1(1). Online:

Closing Remarks of Richard Duke, ISAGA 2003

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This talk (closing remarks in a conference, recorded in an association newsletter) captures some interesting pieces of historical information regarding gaming and simulation field, and how the early academic associations in games research were formed. Richard D. Duke has served as the president of ISAGA and is one of the pioneers of the field.

Duke, Richard (2003) ‘Closing Remarks of Richard Duke, ISAGA 2003, Kisarazu, Chiba, Japan’. ISAGA Newsletter 1. Online:

Game Cultures: Computer Games as New Media

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Many of the key analyses of contemporary games are based on cultural studies and media studies approaches; this book by Dovey and Kennedy is one of the more interesting ones.

Dovey, Jon and Helen W. Kennedy (2006) Game Cultures: Computer Games as New Media. Maidenhead: Open University Press. Preview available from

Gamers in the UK

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This is an interesting study that BBC commissioned from a couple of market research companies (something that you should take into account while looking at its focus and approach), and is packed with interesting glimpses into the role of games in different people’s lives. If only someone would fund academic games research with similar scope! 

BBC (2005) ‘Gamers in the UK: Digital Play, Digital Lifestyles’. Commissioned by BBC Creative Research and Development, authored by Rhianna Pratchett. Online:

Playing Research

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An article that is important in discussing the methodological role playing games has or should have for game studies:

Aarseth, Espen (2003) ‘Playing Research: Methodological Approaches to Game Analysis’. Proceedings of DAC 2003. Melbourne: RMIT University. Online:


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Eludamos — Journal for Computer Game Culture was established in 2007. It includes introductory articles, academic peer-reviewed game studies articles and reviews of games and books. The journal is interdisciplinary by character. See: