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New Games Book

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This is an original document from the New Games Movement, but (like its sequel, More New Games) might be a bit difficult to find these days – second hand bookshops are helpful here. New Games were forms of play that aimed to make a positive impact on culture and society.

Fluegelman, Andrew (ed) (1976) New Games Book. New Games Foundation. New York: Dolphin/Doubleday.


A Rape in the Cyberspace

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As games have expanded into virtual worlds with hundreds, thousands and now even millions of people interacting within their realms, the social and psychological issues of online interaction have gained increased importance. Julian Dibbell’s article tells an illustrative story of an event taking place in an early text-based MUD, but it provides much food for thought .

Dibbell, Julian (1993/1998) ‘A Rape in the Cyberspace (Or TINYSOCIETY, and How
to Make One)’. In: Julian Dibbell, My Tiny Life: Crime and Passion in a Virtual
. New York: Henry Holt, pp. 11–30. Online:

The Well Played Game

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The New Games Movement of the 1970s provides an example on how games and play can take an active stance in societal, ethical and philosophical matters. DeKoven’s book is an accessible presentation that is also available (for an obligatory donation) as a downloadable PDF:

DeKoven, Bernie (2002) The Well Played Game: A Playful Path to Wholeness (3rd edn). San Jose (CA): Writers Club Press. Online site:

New Media & Society Journal

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New Media and Society deals with new media research in its various forms and is not particularly game oriented, but particularly students of online and Internet gaming might profit from its articles. See: